Columbarium, Bee Breeders competition avec Quentin Roy, février 2022.
" Xylem is a constituent of plant tissues formed by the association of vessels, dead or living supporting cells. The xylem vessels are made up of bundles of dead cells aligned and surrounded by lignin."
Hidden from curious eyes, a mysterious object lurks at the edge of the forest.Taking place on a open-air ground, the columbarium seems to appear like a strange cylinder, opaque and impenetrable, but also the connection between the earth and the sky.
Everyone creates their own entrance. Indoor, the latter numbering a hundred, echoes the surrounding trees. They shelter the niches, where the various funeral urns can be placed. The spaces are intentionally small, the experience is individual.
In the center of the columbarium, the body frees itself, it can wander in this closed space. Protected from the outside, it's possible to fully surrender to yourself. The seat allows the mind to escape.
All of the niches support a thin roof. This canopy protects and collects rain to bring life in the center of the pavilion, where space is inaccessible. Wild takes place. The impluvium changes with the seasons. It's born, grows and dies in an endless cycle.