On the Other Side
Deuxième Prix Lauréat, Essay : Architecture of Illusions Competition, avec Dimitri Pagnier, octobre 2021.
« The image of the environment
On different occasions and for different people, the sequences are reversed, interrupted abandoned, cut across. [...] At every instant, there is more than the ear can hear, a setting or a view waiting to be explored. Nothing is experienced by itself, but always in relation to its surroundings, the sequences of events leading up to it, the memory of past experiences. [...] We are not simply observers of this spectacle, but are ourselves a part of it. Most often our perception [...] is not sustained, but rather partial, fragmentary, mixed with other concerns. Nearly every sense is in the operation, and the image is the composite of them all. »
Lynch (Kevin), The image of the city, MIT Press, twentieth printime, 1990, pp. 1-2