Projet Master, Public Building, Chalmers University of Technology, mai 2020.
For centuries, sports buildings don’t evolve much, or a little bit. A soccer stadium is a soccer stadium. You cannot change the game, its rules and dimensions. However, we can change the way of practicing and consuming this sport. It is by proposing a hybrid building, mixing public and private that the sports building can be a new type in the future.
In a stratum strategy, the project ”Bonsaaaaï” erases the frontier between private and public. The building offers a range of sports ranging from skatepark to tennis court, passing by the swimming pool and climbing wall. All of these play areas are accessible to the public, whether visitors or professional players.
These sports fields are hidden in the private ”blades”. In reality, they come to dig themselves in these private spaces, taking the form of a patio. The way of practicing and seeing these sports changes completely. And it’s in this direction that the project tends to lead, to change practices and habits.
”Bonsaaaaï” takes place in the new district of Gothenburg : Masthuggskajen, located between Järntorget and the Göta Älv river. More precisely above the AndréeGatan tunnel, a road leading to the center of Gothenburg. This situation is not trivial, the project is oriented and faces this road. It is intended as a symbol, or rather a gateway to the city.
The sports building wants to be accessible by everyone, whether residents of Gothenburg, but also visitors. Who would say no to a tennis match with a view of the river while having a coffee? People are not obliged to come only for sports programs, but also for private spaces, terraces, outdoor areas...
We enter the building by the ground floor, which is none other than the large park in the heart of the hyperbuilding. Then the ascent is made by a staircase or elevator offering wide views of the surroundings. Bonsaaaaï tower rises in the sky, a true icon of the city, made to be seen from everywhere, and to see everywhere.